Ron Anderson CPA Professional Corporation

A firm established for more than 30 years, along the fresh waters of Wasaga Beach is known for its quality service and approachable staff in the town.

Committed to the values, principles and work ethics of the profession, the firm is well known for integrity, responsibility, knowledge, trustworthiness, reliability, strategic, accurate and empirical approach amongst its clients and peers.

The staff in the organization is carefully chosen to represent the right mix of talent, professionalism and sensitivity, intelligence and emotion, soberness and humor.

……Because Life may be all about Money, but Money is not the only thing that makes Life…….


Ron and his team are committed to your success. The team comprises of not just experienced accountants, but also sensitive beings, who will understand your requirements and serve you with best possible solutions. A unique quality in each member is the strength of the organization and the secret of a happy staff, satisfactory customer service and successful business. The homely atmosphere in the office is what connects us with our clients.



Licensed Public Accountant, Ron Anderson is the driving force behind the organization. A true professional, committed to his values, other than his own business, Ron has served for more than 8 years as a Councilor in the Town of Wasaga Beach. Humble and well respected for his contributions, Ron has also held the position on the Board of Directors of Collingwood Airport and Collingwood General & Marine Hospital. Currently, Ron heads the Wasaga Resource Services Inc. as the Chairman of the Board of Directors. Other than work, Ron loves to live by the water in his boat with his intelligent German Shepherd, Zena, the warrior princess.



A focused accountant with years of experience, Mary is a detail-oriented accountant with extensive knowledge of personal and corporate taxes, cash management and comprehensive account reconciliations. Dedicated to providing accurate financial statements and other critical financial information required for day-to-day business activities, Mary is a highly systematic and well-organized individual with strong attention to errors and inaccuracies, mathematical acumen and GAAP knowledge. She chooses to relax her mind by travelling cross borders and exploring new places with her husband and friends.



An individual with an eagle’s eye and mind of a cryptographer, Don specializes in Reviews and Audits for our clients. Possessing the analytical and logical skills required for this profession, Don can grab the pulse of the organization by merely looking at the financials. Grounded and polite, Don is a skilled communicator who knows what to look for, what to question and how to question. Don is a traveller and is well supported by his family, particularly in his adventure to escape the Canadian winter.



The most caring and comforting member in the team, Diana is a fun loving individual. Diana has been working in the office for more than 12 years now. Working on personal taxes and keeping the office to its best in every aspect is her forte. A member on whom everybody relies on, Diana is high-spirited, enthusiastic, vivacious and the cheer sound in the office.



The youngest in the team, Silk has recently switched to this career path for the love of knowing and managing finances to the best. Attaining financial independence, not only in monetary terms, but also intellectually, is what she strives for. Ambitious and keen to grow, Silk is a technological asset to the organization. Her love for computers, smart devices and related technology, softwares, computer languages and then making most of them for highly efficient performance and to improve the utility factor, is what sets her apart.